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The FA’s Respect campaign has been running now for a couple of years and focuses on both children and adults involved in the game creating a positive enviroment.


The FA expects every Club to encourage everyone to help to combat unacceptable behaviour in our game at every level – both on the pitch, and from the sidelines.


What the club is committed to:

  1. Ensuring every Manager, Coach, Spectator/Parent/Carer and Player reads and signs the Respect Code of Conduct (see below). If you feel you have not been asked to do this then please speak with the manager of your team or a committee member. .
  2. This the Respect Handshake takes place prior to kick off and at the end of the fixture to show good sportsmanship. Captains from each team are also encouraged to wear the Respect armband provided by the the club.
  3. Ensuring a designated spectator area is marked out with a  barrier, this will either be done with a FA respect barrier, cones, rope etc. ALL spectators must remain behind this line throughout the game. No spectator is permitted to stand behind the goals or on the techincal side. .
  4. Ensuring managers are aware they are not permitted to enter the field of play unless requested to do so by the match official or run up and down the touch line during the game.  They should remain in the technical area and direct their players from there.

Spectators must not shout foul or abusive language at any fixture or training and must not demostrate any agrressive behaviour. Anyone who is found to be doing this and breaching the code of conduct they have signed will be subject to full club invesitgation and will delt with through our disciplinary procedure which could result in being reported to the FA and any necessary local authorities. 


WBGJFC are committed to creating a safe and positive enviroment for our children to enjoy playing football and any breaches of the above will not be tolertaed. 


If you have questions about the Respect Campaign or the Club, please do not hesitate to contact our Child Welfare Officer, Club Secretary or your Manager/Coach.

Code of Conduct Players
Adobe Acrobat document [147.6 KB]
Code of Conduct Managers/Coaches
Adobe Acrobat document [149.9 KB]
Code of Conduct Spectators
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Code of Conduct Match Officials
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